Squid Ink Pasta is a delicious, gourmet ingredient enhancing the dish visually with its bright black colour and as well as in flavour, as it’s infused with tasty squid ink. You can serve with prawns or any seafood, but I chose mussels, sea urchin and calamari for today’s dish. All  flavours of the sea, enhanced … More **SEAFOOD AND SQUID INK SPAGHETTI**



Venison and butternut squash bring a luxurious twist to an old faithful of spaghetti and meatballs.  Venison is a great alternative to beef mince because it’s much lower in fat but still provides vitamin B and iron. It actually contains less fat than skinless chicken which I found surprising! Plus it tastes delicious with all these … More ** VENISON MEATBALLS & SQUASH SPAGHETTI **


Courgetti / Zucchetti / Zoodles… Did you over indulge over the festive season?… Me too. One way to kick start your 2015 health kick is to incorporate as many GREENS in to your diet as possible. And one very sneaky way of doing this is to trick yourself into thinking you’re enjoying a huge bowl … More ** ZUCCHETTI…! **