INGREDIENTS FILLING 4 big pears (or can use normal apples) 1 cup of frozen mixed berries 2 tbsp. of coconut sugar 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp dried ginger powder Big pinch of salt 3/4 cup of water   CRUMBLE 150g of spelt flour (you can use any really) 180g porridge oats 150g butter (or … More **PEAR & BERRY CRUMBLE**



Probably my favourite banana bread I have ever made – so moist, with a coconut and almond butter twist, PLEASE give it a try! Tips for the gooiest banana bread: Use overly ripe, darkening bananas (previously frozen also work) for a moist dense bread and more “banana-ey” flavour. Very gently fold wet and dry ingredients … More **DELICIOUS BANANA BREAD**

**HOMEMADE CHORIZO SCOTCH EGGS with Chipotle Mayonnaise**

This all-time British favourite is a classic for summer picnics so with the non-existent British summer time in full swing, I thought I should try and brighten up our rainy week… The Scotch Egg needs no introduction, and everyone has their favourite type. I like my egg runny, and outside perfectly crispy but you can … More **HOMEMADE CHORIZO SCOTCH EGGS with Chipotle Mayonnaise**