Pancakes have always been one of my favourite breakfasts, and now even more so with my improved super-quick paleo recipe. This recipe has only 6 ingredients and is my new go to because it’s so easy and fast, and doesn’t contain any of the processed pre-mix nasties. The ingredient list for packaged pancake mix includes just … More ** PROTEIN PANCAKES **


Whip up a bowl of nutrient-dense deliciousness really easily for breakfast any day of the week with this Green Smoothie Bowl Recipe. This has a dairy-free spinach and banana smoothie base with added Mathca powder for an extra hit of zinc, iron and calcium. Matcha is a super-concentrated, antioxidant packed green tea powder with amazing … More **GREEN SMOOTHIE BOWL**


You don’t ever need an excuse to make pancakes, particularly when they don’t have any refined sugar or butter etc. in them.  Using coconut flour and gluten free baking powder makes these gluten free, dairy free, and paleo, so enjoy! This is a very easy recipe I whipped up yesterday (Valentine’s Day hence the heart … More **COCONUT PANCAKES**


If you’re looking for something fun to feed the kids on Halloween, how about these cute little “carved pumpkin faces”!?  Simply make your favourite chilli con carne and pop it in mini carved Orange Peppers to serve!  (Jamie Oliver does a good one if you need inspiration http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/beef-recipes/good-old-chilli-con-carne/#Kbg6LfjGSS3dwZSH.97)     I carved little faces in … More ** HALLOWEEN “CARVED PUMPKIN” CHILLI STUFFED PEPPERS! **