Despite knowing you’re supposed to make predominantly vegetable smoothies, every now and again I make a delicious Berry Smoothie for a sweet hit. This one has a twist with a little nut butter to protein it up.  I just blended up blackberries, raspberries, the juice of a whole lemon, a handful of blueberries, a pear, … More **PURPLE BERRY SMOOTHIE**



This time of year we can sometimes become so overwhelmed with weight loss fad diets that one forgets the very simplest of rules of nutrition are normally the best way to go. Most research has shown that you can’t go wrong with eating mainly plant-based foods supplemented by organic, seasonal fish. With this in mind, … More **BAKED COD**


Courgetti / Zucchetti / Zoodles… Did you over indulge over the festive season?… Me too. One way to kick start your 2015 health kick is to incorporate as many GREENS in to your diet as possible. And one very sneaky way of doing this is to trick yourself into thinking you’re enjoying a huge bowl … More ** ZUCCHETTI…! **