4 heaped tablespoons of Rolled  Oats
8 tablespoons of nut milk – (it doesn’t have to be exact – I do around double the quantity of milk to oats, usually adding half the liquid then slowly stirring in the rest as the oats heat up and soften)
A handful of frozen berries
A teaspoon of Maca Powder
A teaspoon of Nut Butter for serving.
Extra toppings: Flaked Coconut / Cacao Nibs / Chia Seeds /  Nut Butter / Seeds / Berries
(Add Vanilla Essence or Agave if you need a sweeter hit)


METHOD:  Add your oats and nut milk to a saucepan, and keep slowing stirring on a low heat until they reach the creaminess you like. Once the right consistency (approx. 2-4mins) stir in the Macca Powder.

Serve with a little nut butter on top – this little protein boost when combined with the oats will keep you away from that mid-morning visit to the vending machine.


OATS are a source of whole grains and come packed with a bunch of beneficial nutrients including soluble fibre, B vitamins, vitamin E, zinc, minerals, and thiamine. In fact, they’re the only grain to provide avenanthramides, which have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties that may reduce disease. Try to aim for  Steel-Cut or  Rolled over Quick Oats / Oatmeal – they will keep you fuller for longer, with a lower GI.

MACA root is hailed by many for helping to increase energy, libido, and immunity as well as helping to balance hormones. It has nutty taste with hints of malt and caramel.




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