I’ve been enjoying Sydney summer immensely – you just  cant beat a day out in the sunshine enjoying harbour views on a boat…!  My go to for visiting guests is a midday booking where I start with a tray of seafood at home to get everyone in the mood – always a big hit.  Extra Lemon is key!


A lot of my friends end up serving sandwiches on board / ordering cheap buffet meals – but that isnt the PW Pantry way! Boat Hire Sydney arranged a perfect day for us out on the harbour with the most perfect catering for our guests. All the boats have large, well equipped kitchens and put a big emphasis on food quality.

boat pic from boat


That being said, when we were on a smaller “party boat” the other weekend, the “cheap and cheerful” BBQ Sausage sizzle went down a storm… I also served up a side salad of Cabbage, Avocado, & Sundried Tomato for a hot summer day. Let me know if you want  the recipe!
Whatever you are after, check out BHS, as many of their boats have quality, even award winning chefs, who come to prepare and cook fresh produce on board. The below boats offer high quality menus – many of which can be tailored to suit your preferences and dietary requirements such as vegetarians, gluten free and lactose free alternatives, halal meals etc:
Do get in touch if you are after a day out on the harbour and I can put you in touch with the wonderful team at Boat Hire Sydney!

PWPantry x x


side salads


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