What to do with yesterday’s left over roast chicken?

This delicious salad is a perfect Monday dinner using up Sundays leftovers (which albeit are very rare in my house…)


Roast Chicken:   Shred up the leftover roast chicken meat & skin, and cover it with jerk seasoning. Pop it in a hot fry pan with coconut oil and warm up.

Butternut Squash:  I served my chicken on Sunday with lots of roasted Butternut Squash so made sure there was plenty left over for today’s salad. If not you can cook this today and add it in. Just cut up, drizzle in lots of olive oil, paprika, cinnamon, mixed herbs, with lots of Salt & pepper, then roast for 45 minutes.


Crumbled Feta:   Marks & Spencer’s do a really nice creamy one, but you can get this from anywhere. One ingredient worth spending a little more on…

Mixed Leaves:   My favourite is Lambs Lettuce and the texture goes perfectly with this meal

Beetroot “Couscous”:  You can also get broccoli these days but the beetroot one adds a contrasting sweetness which is delicious. Sainsburys make them fresh and already ground up for you!

 Pumpkin Seeds:    Do these last – just a minute in a hot pan before sprinkling on top to serve.


Once your leftover Chicken & Squash are heated again, serve on the bed of lettuce and top with your creamy feta & crunchy seeds.  A simple Lemon  dressing is all you need.

Enjoy!  PWPantry x



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