These Organic Chicken Breasts with a Pistachio & Honey Mustard Crumb were such a treat. I served it with beetroot “couscous”, baby tomatoes, pomegranate, and lambs leaf salad.

As many colours as I could fit on my plate and full of lycophenes (which have cancer fighting agents and are powerful antioxidants)


Just about any nut would work but pistachios were tasty and prettier with the green flecks PLUS they’re heavy on the EGCG (which protects our cells from free radicals and has anti-inflammatory benefits.)

Just as delicious as a pot of Kentucky fried chicken covered in breadcrumbs, but without all the nasty fake ingredients!


To make Pistachio Crusted Chicken:

  • Pop some pistachios in a food processor for a few seconds until they are small crumbs.
  • Make your “glue” by beating two eggs in a bowl, adding a few large squeezes of honey and a few teaspoons of Dijon mustard.
  • Simply dip your chicken breasts in the egg mix so they’re covered all over then roll on a board in the pistachio crumbs. You may need to add a little extra egg and crumbs to make sure it’s all coated both sides.
  • Place each chicken breast (and any excess crumbs on top) on a baking tray and cook for about 25 minutes.
  • Meanwhile make your beetroot cous cous and chop your salad items.
  • Serve on top of the salad, with a few spare whole pistachios on top and enjoy!


Any questions just let me know #PWPantry x






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