Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it’s often very easy to neglect your nutritional needs, particularly when you’re working to deadlines and have to rush to the office early. This can leave us struggling to get through the day, experiencing energy slumps and lack of concentration. The answer?  Eat a clean nutritional breakfast. There are plenty of options such as bircher muesli made the night before to save time, or just a quick smoothie bowl before you head off, all which are quick, easy, filling, and healthy.


Make sure you have frozen fruit and veggies in the freezer and simply  chuck them all in together in the morning with spinach and chia seeds. I made today’s smoothie bowl with frozen bananas, spinach, chia seeds and kiwi fruit.  Chia seeds are nutrient dense and full of energy boosting power, so are perfect to bulk out your breakfast meal.  Kiwis contain 20 vital nutrients, including 5 times the vitamin C of an orange, K, fibre, potassium and vitamin A.

Taking only two minutes out of your morning, blend up your frozen bananas with your fresh extras  in a nutribullet and enjoy before work leaving your nourished all through those morning meetings.

PW Pantry x



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