I am a little Matcha obsessed at the moment.


Matcha is a Japanese Organic super concentrated Green Tea Powder packed with natural flavonoids and nutrients.  It’s much more nutrient dense than standard green tea, and is so easy to add to smoothies, porridge or bowls like these to give yourself a little extra health kick.

Teapigs Matcha is known to give a slow release of energy, help keep you alert and focussed and get you through the day, so have a try!


Today’s breakfast was a Matcha Green Smoothie Bowl made with Frozen Bananas, Coconut Milk Powder to give it some creamy deliciousness from http://thecoconutcompany.co/,  Tea Pigs Matcha Powder and Almond Milk, topped with tasty Berries and Coconut.

To make, you just whizz up your frozen bananas in a nutribullet, adding in the matcha powder at the end, and top with as many superfoods or berries as you can find!

Enjoy! PW Pantry x



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