Last week we made the most delicious traditional Italian tortellini & ravioli from scratch at Mama Anna & Co using stunning free range bright orange egg yolks to give the pasta its fresh yellow colour, and the most authentic of Italian ingredients. Below is a brief recipe for my first fresh pasta attempts.  I am not an experienced ravioli maker so the below is only a rough guide, however I can wholeheartedly suggest going to Mamma Anna in Fulham, which is an independent family run kitchen to either buy or learn to make your own.


(Quantity for about 30-40 tortellini)

– Plain Flour (or Pasta Flour): 300g
– Eggs: 3 free range eggs
– 1 tea spoon of Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– Water – a dash only if needed

We stuffed the Tortellini with Italian Ricotta Cheese (100g) mixed with Fresh Mint (finely chopped), Marjoram, Parmesan, Salt and Pepper, although you can use anything you want to fill your fresh pasta, such as chicken, meats, potatoes etc.  Italians recommend avoiding the modernised fillings of chillies etc., and using more subtle flavours so as to let the fresh pasta taste shine through.

Wrapping the filling in our rolled out Pasta mix and shaping it was the best part. Always make sure all the air is out when you are closing the tortellini/ravioli so that they do not open when you are cooking them. You can make a variety of different shapes but my favourite were these little bow ones.

Once they are filled, they are ready to be cooked, for approximately 8 minutes in boiling water. Slather with fresh butter or olive oil, with parmesan, and enjoy!

Buon Appetito!  x





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