If you’re trying to cut down on coffee or avoid dairy but you’re missing your morning latte, try making this Almond Milk Matcha to start your day.

Matcha is a Japanese Organic super concentrated Green Tea Powder. It still has a kick of caffeine but comes with so many antioxidants and nutrients (equivalent of 5 cups of green tea!) With matcha we are actually drinking the entire matcha tea leaf which is why it is much more nutrient dense than standard green tea.

To make:

Start heating up your milk (Almond/Coconut/Dairy) in a pan.
Meanwhile add just a small dash of boiling water to the Matcha Powder in a cup and mix it all around so it dilutes.
Once your Milk is warm, add to the matcha water and stir.  Top up with a bit of honey and some cinnamon.

L-theanine, one of the most prevalent amino acids in Matcha Tea, is known to have a relaxing effect on the body and the mind. Traditionally monks would sip matcha tea to help ease their mind for meditation while the subtle caffeine content creates focus.  Have a try and see if it hits your morning coffee spot!

PW Pantry x



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