Colds and Flus seem to be going around everyone at the moment, and annoyingly once you catch one there is very little you can do.  Make sure you keep your immune system strong enough to fight off the first signs.  Key nutrition tips for staying sniffle free are:

–  Eat foods rich in Zinc, such as wholegrains and leafy greens, to increase your body’s antibodies and resistance levels

– Tumeric has huge anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties so is excellent at keeping your immune system strong

– Eat A LOT of Ginger.  It naturally reduces fevers and increases circulation which assists in removing toxins and viruses from the body. Add it to your morning smoothies or just a slice in hot water in the morning.

– Vitamin C, which you get from fresh fruit such as Peppers and Oranges, is crucial at fighting off disease from your cells.


Below is a Smoothie Recipe that is rich in Vitamin C and Betacarotene to help you fight off this winter’s germs.

– 3 x Carrots
– Juice of a whole Lemon
– Juice of 2 Oranges
– a Thumb sized chunk of Fresh Ginger Root
– Half an Orange Pepper
– Dash of Coconut Water

 Enjoy! PW Pantry x



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