Courgetti / Zucchetti / Zoodles…

zuchetti finished

Did you over indulge over the festive season?… Me too.

One way to kick start your 2015 health kick is to incorporate as many GREENS in to your diet as possible. And one very sneaky way of doing this is to trick yourself into thinking you’re enjoying a huge bowl of spaghetti, when in fact you’re tucking into a nutritious COURGETTI.
All of the joy and flavour of a delicious, indulgent meal without any of the guilt of the carb overload!


First things first. Get yourself a spiralizer or a julienne peeler. Both so easy to use  (and cheap on Amazon!).

I promise it’ll be a worthy investment.

zuchini peeling

And then it’s really as simple as spiralizing whatever your favourite vegetable is, from zucchini (which is mine!) to sweet potato or pumpkin.
Then simply adding whatever sauce or topping you would normally eat spaghetti with.
I adore Zucchetti Bolognese or Zucchetti al vongole, but today we will look at my all time favourite – Chili & Garlic Prawn Zucchetti.
chopping colours


– Pack of Fresh Organic Prawns
– Red chillies
– Red Peppers
– Red Onion
– A couple of spring onions
– Fresh Garlic
– Fresh Ginger
– Pack of Pommodorro Cherry tomatoes
– Coconut Oil / Olive Oil
– Fresh Basil
– Salt and Pepper
– Parmigianino (naughty optional extra!)

courgetti peeled

Serves 2:

1. Spiralize 3 or 4 zucchini and put to one side. I try and use mainly the outside and leave the softer whiter inside but depends how big of a portion you want!

2. Get chopping. Onions, Garlic, Tomatoes, Peppers, Chillies etc.

3. Add to hot pan with oil heating. Onions first. Then later chilies, peppers, spring onion, ginger and the tomatoes. Garlic last (so it doesn’t get bitter)

4. Prawns go in last to slowly cook in the softened baby tomatoes which will now be creating a bit of a sauce.

5. Finally when everything is simmering away add the raw Zucchetti and toss it around in the pan. The juices from the sauce will cook it in about a minute.

6. And serve! Too easy!

close up prawns

Enjoy, MPW x
Instagram – @PWpantry



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